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How Men Eat

Men and women are different in so many ways,  even when it comes to eating.  Have you noticed men are much more willing to eat something that has fallen on the floor.   Women just won't do it even to prove a bet.   Guys will.  I bet Tom that he wouldn't eat a Milk dud that looked like it had been on the floor for 12 years and he did.  (it had fuzz on it)  I have also noticed that guys won't cut a hamburger in half but girls do.  My wife did this so I started doing it and all my buddies made fun of me so I stopped.  Another thing I noticed is guys don't share food.  Althought when dining with Tom he always ask " are you done with  that"  if I leave something on my plate.  I was out with a friend and ordered a dessert and the waitress brought 2 spoons...I said if he wants a dessert he needs to order one.  Thats all I have for now but I will keep my eye out when I'm eating out.  take care and God Bless

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09/07/2009 12:00PM
How Men Eat
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04/10/2011 3:41PM
I Haz Burger
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