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Hey Friends..

How ya been?  It’s been crazy around here getting ready for Hawk & Tom’s Acoustic Christmas AND preparing for the Justin Bieber concert.  Wanna go?  More about those two huge shows in a bit, I wanna talk about how excited I am that it’s Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not excited about the gifts (although I do like getting them), I’m not excited about the parties (although I do like going to them), I’m excited about spending time with family and friends.  Why?  It’s because they know how to cook and I like to eat.  Is that wrong of me to use my family and friends for their cooking skills?  Hey, I’m single and live alone, so I don’t mind hanging out with you if you’re going to be making something good for dinner. BTW, If you don’t have dinner plans for Friday, December 10th, then I want you to join me.  No, I’m not going to cook dinner, but it will be the best deal this holiday season.  CLICK HERE for your tickets to Hawk & Tom's Acoustic Christmas at the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium.  It's only $20 to see: Boys Like Girls- Shontelle- Kevin Rudolf- Cartel- BC Jean and Cody Simpson.  Go VIP and get up front seats and Meet & Greet passes.  CLICK HERE for the VIP Package. Speaking of VIP, that's the way your friends will treat you when you get to meet Justin Bieber.  We want to get you BACKSTAGE and all you have to do to get entered is text the word JUSTIN to 73807.  You could win a pair of tickets to see the Xbox 360 Presents Justin Bieber My World Tour LIVE at The Bi-Lo Center on December 16th!  It's that easy!  So get your fingers working hot and heavy and listen to the Hawk & Tom Show every morning. Good luck and thanks for listening, - Kato Keller

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12/02/2010 3:25AM
Hey Friends..
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12/06/2010 6:47AM
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12/20/2010 7:47AM
caitlin smith
omg... i cant believe i got to see justin bieber for the first time and also it was my first concert that ive eva beeen to eben though i dint git to go backstage or sit in the front row it was still amazing the disadvantage though is when i went home i cried myself to sleep and my cuzin had to come in the room and tell me that he will neva notice me cuz he is famous and im just a normal person....that made me crie even worse.... the worst christmas break eva lol ..... omg
12/20/2010 7:48AM
caitlin smith
srry if there are typin mistakes didnt check them
01/05/2011 7:52PM
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