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Hawk Says My Son Doesn't Need iPhone!

Hawk and I got into a debate over whether my son (who is 2 years and 2 months old) can use an iPhone or not.  I recently upgraded to a 3GS and we have an extra 3G now.  (I know, we are spoiled by AT&T - they are big fans of the Hawk and Tom Show and we encourage you to support AT&T!) So I decided to put together a little video of my son using the iPhone to LEARN.  If Hawk had one of these, he might be a lot smarter!!! Anyway, if you ever had any doubt that a 2 year-old kid might benefit from using an iPhone, check this video out!

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09/10/2009 6:18PM
Hawk Says My Son Doesn't Need iPhone!
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11/25/2009 2:13AM
A healthy mind in a healthy body.
11/25/2009 11:54PM
PS3 Fan
Cheers for the fantastic page - I had fun reading it! I always enjoy reading your blog. :)
02/03/2010 1:45PM
hi how r u that is awsome well u know wat i wish i could have in iphone but i really dnt so thats bad but anyways just wanted to tell u that im 11 yrs old and i luv ur show i listen to it every mornin u rock!
05/31/2010 12:34PM
haha, dude...that's an awesome video! he's a smart little fella to know how to operate an iPhone. I love my iPhone and think I'd be lost without it...and I agree, I think if Hawk had an iPhone he might be a lot smarter but let's not get our hopes up...
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