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So far today, I've trimmed my ear hair and eaten some cheeseballs. I think it's safe to say there will be no movie version of my life.


Is my son a crazy

My son has become attached to an orange.  Yeah, the fruit.  Is that strange?  He won't put it down.  He plays with it all day.  He, of course,  has all kinds of toys to play with, books to read, and stuffed animals....but he chooses an orange.  At first, I tried to hide it from him but that didn't work.  He can climb up on the counter and find it anywhere.  It's kind of embarrassing in public.  He has to have it with him all the time.  He carries it in the car, into the store, and even to bed!  He won't let it go.  I've had to switch it out every few days when it starts to go bad.  It's like his little buddy.   He gets confused at the grocery store seeing so many other oranges.  It's much worse than the toy isle, and forces me to skip the produce section entirely when he is with me.  If this continues, I could save all kinds of money.  For his next birthday.... A fruit basket!

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03/11/2011 8:42AM
Is my son a crazy
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