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Having trouble parenting

So my son can now get out of his crib.   It's all over now.  He is no longer confined.  Now I have the problem of a 2 year old on the loose at nap-time and night time.  I'm trying to figure out how to keep him safe and locked down.   A few ideas from some friends who listen to the show:   Electric shock collar and invisible fence.  Barbed wire.  Turn the crib upside down and make a cage. Zip him up in a tent....to name a few.  I really could use some help.  Looking at that list makes me worry.  I will say he is quite talented.  His getting out of bed is done with flair and almost always sticks the landing.   This climbing And diving phase me well give me a heart attack before it's over!   Please someone tell me this is short-lived.  I guess this is preparing me for his teenage years when he sneaks out of bed and meets his friends.  All this is giving me so much anxiety.  I think I've mulled this over long enough so like always, I'll just do the responsible thing and let his mom worry about

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03/16/2011 3:22PM
Having trouble parenting
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03/17/2011 2:41PM
Lisa Suttle
I have a two year old little boy also and I put him in a toddlers bad. Plus I made his room toddler proof and put one of the door hand covers on the door knob so he could not open the door from the inside. (get anywhere that sells safety first in baby department) I have the door covers on the inside door knobs of all the door that go to the outside also. I have a 4 year old little girl too. They are a team. They are great at getting in to everything.
03/22/2011 5:00PM
Hey! I have a two year old brother and he would do that and come in my room so then i told him i would get him a prize from wal mart if he stopped and it worked! P.S i think you know my daddy.....David Vinson... runs the hobby connection?? anywho i heartur show its AMAZING! i excpessially ove torture tuesday!!! :)
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