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We tried something new on Mother's Day..  Homemade Frostys..  Mmmmm..  It's easy and tastes like the real thing..  Here's what we did..

1/2 gallon chocolate milk
1 (8 ounce) container Cool Whip  (we put a little more.. ha)
1 (14 ounce) can of sweetened condensed milk
All you have to do is combine all the ingredients into your ice cream maker and blend them together well.  Add your ice and salt, turn it on and enjoy when it's done.


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05/12/2014 9:36AM
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05/15/2014 10:41AM
frosty without a ice cream maker
a ice cream maker?
05/16/2014 11:41AM
how much ice & salt?
05/16/2014 5:17PM
homemade frosty
No ice cream maker , will a blender work also how much salt n ice . Krnrya@aim.com
05/16/2014 5:34PM
Re: salt and ice
The salt and ice is what is used in an old-fashioned ice cream maker to freeze the container of ingredients into ice cream. It doesn't go into the final product. You would probably have a decent Frosty blending it with just ice in a blender, but thetexture would be like a Coollatta, not a Frosty.
05/17/2014 4:10PM
how much ice and salt
05/20/2014 2:11PM
Really people
Omg people are you really asking to put salt and ice in the mixture. How stupid can one be. It's for the ice cream maker.. Der
05/21/2014 5:16PM
How much does this recipe make?
05/22/2014 1:22PM
Lol people really ?? Stay out of tge kitchen . To the ones asking to pit salt and ice in the mixture bagaha.
05/22/2014 9:08PM
Ice cream maker..can I do this without the ice cream maker
05/23/2014 11:08AM
Be nice
Some people have never made home made ice cream..About asking about salt & ice! You should have stated add the ice & salt to the outside container of ice cream maker!!!
05/23/2014 4:37PM
05/23/2014 7:06PM
1% vs VD milk
Just baught chocolate milk, got home noticed it's 1% will it work? Or do we need the fat in V D for t to work?
05/25/2014 7:37AM
ice cream maker is a no go
Is there a way to make it without the ice cream maker? I don't have the luxury of owning one
05/26/2014 1:19PM
Thanks for sharing
Your rude some people have never used and ice cream maker nor have they made ice cream. But they can mix their stuff up put in large baggie and then put that baggie in to another baggie add salt and ice and work it till the mixture is ready about 5 to 10minutes.
05/27/2014 6:56PM
thank you. love frostys
I'm goings to try this as soon as I get some rock salt
05/28/2014 10:31AM
Can you just mix this and put it in a container and put it in the freezer
05/29/2014 12:39AM
home made ice cream
Thanks for the recipe it turned out wonderful. I suggest for anyone looking at a to make ice cream always get you a ice cream maker because that us the way this is done. Some people....THANKS A MILLION
05/31/2014 8:36PM
ice cream
My parents made ice cream all my life. We used to sit on the freezer while someone hand cranked it. Lol. I love my electric freezer. My mom made orange sherbet & vanilla.I probably make some every couple of weeks in the summer. Ice cream is better ifonce it is done you cover the top of freezer with ice & cover top with a towel.
06/01/2014 1:51PM
ice cream
Going try this with my new ice cream maker thank u
06/08/2014 6:56PM
I'm still clueless...no one has said exactly how to make this whether you have ice cream maker or not.....
06/09/2014 7:48AM
You do put all the ingredients in an ice cream maker..
06/09/2014 7:46PM
re: 1%VD milk
You know Chocolate milk from the stores is only 2% milk right? Unless you get real milk like Byne's or Halo.
06/09/2014 8:22PM
Alternative to making it without an ice cream maker
If you mix the ingredients together and put them in the freezer for 15 minutes you should be able to blend then and it will make a frosty
07/02/2014 1:40AM
No ice cream maker
Is there anything I can use as an alternative
07/06/2014 11:42AM
awesome recipe&no ice cream maker
If you seriously didnt know salt and ice go on the outside of an ice cream maker you REALLY dont belong in a kitchen! Its not rocket science seriously! Hey thanks for the recipe.......you dont have to own an ice cream maker to know it either!
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