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Granite by Steve Moon

I have always thought that granite countertops in your bathroom or kitchen was something that only rich people could afford.  But Hawk and I just met a guy named Steve Moon who has been a fan of the show for many years and he gave us the inside scoop on granite and how it can actually be very affordable.  You can check out his site at http://www.granitebystevemoon.com and see the incredible selection of granite that you can have installed by Steve in your home. Here are some of the things that Steve has taught us: 1.  Almost all granite is pretty much the same "quality."  What you pay for is "rarity."  Exotic granites with fossils inside or unusual colors and patterns are more expensive because there isn't as much of that type of granite out there.  The good thing about this is that you can find BEAUTIFUL granite that is very inexpensive and the same quality as expensive granite for your home. 2.  Some stores will advertise a very low price to get you in the door and then you find out that is for a very plain stone or that the price does not include everything.  Steve Moon's prices include installation and everything involved.  No surprises. 3.  Not every granite installer is created equal.  You start with a slab of rock.  Your installer has to cut it to size and shape the edges and make it look right on your counters.  Steve has over 10 years of experience here in the Upstate and he has high-end builders that use him to install granite in MILLION DOLLAR HOMES (we've seen his work in some of them!) and they trust him to do it right. 4.  Many installers will leave you without a sink for a week or more.  Steve Moon's installation professionals make sure you aren't without your sink while they do the work.   You don't realize how important this is until you've talked with someone who went without their kitchen or bathroom sink for a week or more! 5.  Character counts!  Steve Moon isn't happy with the job until you are happy.  He guarantees you will be happy or he will do what it takes to make you happy.  With Steve Moon, it's personal! Check it out for yourself - tax returns are starting to come in and this is a perfect project for you to improve your home, and everything about your kitchen with Granite by Steve Moon.

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01/22/2010 3:43PM
Granite by Steve Moon
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