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Got Stuck In a Parking Garage

Have you ever got stuck in  a parking garage?   Well it happen to me over the weekend.  I went on a trip with my poker buddies.   We were in Savannah Georga and had to park downtown.   We wanted to eat at the Paula Dean's Lady and Sons Resturant.  We had rented a Big Van Kinda like a church bus and the top of the van measured 6 foot 6 inches. (Which happend to be clearance at the parking garage)  Well we were ok  getting into the garage but getting out was another story.   When coming down the law of physics did not allow us to make it and we got stuck under a beam.   That is when thinks got fun.   We had a line of traffic behind us blowing horns and sweat pouring down........awkward.......   Well this is when the testosterone kicked in.   All my buddies said let's let the air out of our tires so the van will lower 2-3 inches...needless to say it worked......  I am glad that my poker buddies are  inovative because I would still be in the garage if it weren't for them.....Now you know

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03/01/2010 4:10PM
Got Stuck In a Parking Garage
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