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Feed Your Apdiction!

Ok, I admit it - I am addicted to my iphone and the itunes app store. I am always looking for the next cool thing to install on my iphone and play with during the show. You can click on any of the apps listed above and it will take you to the itunes store and you can check out the app and see if it is for you. Also, share any cool apps you have that I don't show here because like I said, I'm always looking for cool new apps for my iphone addiction! Here are a few quick reviews of some of the apps I have installed. Fandango is the movie app. It is free and shows movie theater schedules, previews, reviews and you can even order tickets from your phone. Snooth is a free wine app for people like me who don't know anything about wine but like to order a glass at a fancy restaurant sometimes. i.TV is a free app that has your tv schedules. Card Star is also free and lets you store all your bonus cards and membership card numbers in one place on your phone. Pretty cool! MedScape is great if you aren't feeling well or if you take prescription medications and want to know more about them. Flycast is a free app that lets you listen to B93.7 on your iphone no matter where you go, even out of state! Mover is another free app that lets you share photos and contacts with your friends who have iphones. There is a Mover+ out that does more, but the free version is pretty cool too. Grocery Gadget costs $4.99 but it is worth EVERY PENNY. It is a grocery shopping list and what makes it so cool is that your significant other can update the list from the computer at the house or his/her iphone and it INSTANTLY shows up on your phone. So I can leave work, head to the grocery store and my wife can be back at the house and update me with the things we need at the house while I'm there at the store. Did I mention how awesome it is? RaceFan isn't the absolute best quality app in the store and I think it cost $2.99, but there aren't many NASCAR apps available and this one does a good job of letting me quickly check the schedule and see recent race results. For a race fan, it is worth having. I would love to know if any of you have a better one out there. Sale Price Free is a great app. I can do percentages in my head pretty well, but this app will figure the total price when stores do that "50% off AND take another 35% off" thing that they like to do. Plus it figures sales tax so you know EXACTLY what you are going to pay at the register. Vlingo is free and it is WAY COOL! You say what you want to do and Vlingo has your phone do it. Say, "Call Home" and it calls home. Say, "update status facebook, laying out at the pool" and it does that for you. And it is FREE. Google's app is also voice activated and free and cool. iConcertCal is an amazing app (but it costs a few bucks, I think $3.99) that has EVERY CONCERT in a 150 mile radius. I'm not just talking about the BiLo Center or Charlotte or Atlanta, but if there is a show at the Handlebar, they have it. If there is a show at your church with Third Day, they have it. If your garage band is practicing at a friend's house, well - they don't have that but they have everything else. Very cool. Shazam is a free app that lets you hold your phone up to a speaker when a song is playing and it will tell you what that song is, in less than 30 seconds. There are lots more on the widget above and even more on my phone. Let me know what you like and what I've missed!

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08/20/2009 3:15PM
Feed Your Apdiction!
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