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Fallen Soldier

You may have heard or saw on the news that Geoff Whitsitt died in Afghanistan wednesday.  I think it is very important to remember all of our fallen soldiers and what they fight for everyday.  When I heard the news that Geoff had died when his Humvee was blown up it really hit home with me.  You see Geoff has been a friend of not only the Hawk and Tom show for years but he and his brother Steven went to my church (North Hills Communinty Church).   Many sundays I would come to chruch and Geoff would be sitting there on the left side near the back and I would ask to sit beside him.  Many times we have sang and worshipped together.  Neither one of us had a great singing voice but we would belt it out none the less.  I remember his big ole' smile when I would sneak up behind him and flick his ear right before I would ask if this seat was taken.  He was kinda quiet but would encourage me to set beside him.  He ask to come in on the show a couple of times for a class he had and the whole gang loved him and his brother Steven.   All these memories flood my mind as I heard the news but the most important aspect of Geoff was his walk with Jesus Christ.  He was a man of truth and had a wonderful relationship with Christ.  That gives me comfort to know that he is with Jesus at this moment.  Geoff was definitely a light in the darkness and a great encouragment to me.  I will miss him for now but with my hope in Jesus I will see him again and we will worship together for an eternity to our great Lord and King......take care and shine the light    hawk

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01/14/2010 4:01PM
Fallen Soldier
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01/14/2010 6:57PM
1st Platoon Bounty Hunters
First off allow me to say R. I. P. Geoff Whisitt. May you be remembered and honored as one of Americas finest heroes. I went to basic with Whitsitt, and he was a good person, good soldier, and a good friend. Again I say, R. I. P.
01/16/2010 12:05AM
I went to Greenville Tech Charter High with Geoff, dated a best friend of his, and he sorta dated one of mine. He was part of the couple that joined my ex and I for dinner before prom. I worked with him at Ingles, attended classes with him, and hung out with his friend group. We were never best friends, but he was always a great person to speak with ...and I know, nobody at Charter, with even half the oppotunities to communicate with him, could say he will be forgotten, Also, anyone who knew him knew that he died doing what he loved. So, as hard as it is, we have to respect his honor and understand that he really is a hero and man worth remembering daily.
01/16/2010 10:31AM
Gail Dunbar
I am a friend of the family. This will soon be available for Geoffrey's friends and those that are interested in his service. And all of our Fallen Soldiers of the Mideastern wars.
01/16/2010 12:00PM
Cheryl Childers
Funeral info for Geoff: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/event.php?eid=244959289732&index=1 The military escort of his casket has not been finalized, but we trust Greenville will come out in droves to honor our hero and his family. We will keep you posted! Thanks Hawk, for being his friend!
01/16/2010 2:02PM
Meesh (nhcc)
thanks for sharing that with us hawk. spread the word and lets see if we can give him a hero's welcome home.
01/16/2010 8:05PM
Amy Wood
Really appreciate you posting this Hawk. Nice to know more about this American hero and how much he meant to his friends and family. God bless the Whitsitt family
01/16/2010 8:33PM
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01/17/2010 10:48AM
Brent Meyers
Thanks Hawk for an awesome comment. It is a joy to see God being honored by a life well-lived. It is hard to be across "the pond" at a time like this, but we are praying. Hope all is well with you and Rebecca.
01/17/2010 8:13PM
I just want to say that I am sending prayers to his family. My brother is with the National Guard and is being sent to Afghanistan for a year. We pray everyday for the safety of all the men and woman fighting in this war!
03/31/2010 2:34AM
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09/06/2010 9:55AM
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[...] B93.7 Online » Fallen Soldier 14 Jan 2010. He was a man of truth and had a wonderful relationship with Christ.. dated a best friend of his, and he sorta dated one of mine.. Brian Owens said: RT @ TVAmy Hawk from B93.7 remembers his friend Geoff Whitsitt who died in. Pingback by Tweets that mention B93.7 Online » Fallen Soldier.blogs.b937online.com/hawk93/2010/01/14/fallin-soldier/ - B93.7 Online » Fallen Soldier [...]
12/25/2010 9:42AM
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