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Door to Door Salesman

Recently we had a door to door salesman.  He stopped by to show my wife Rebecca some sort of cleaning product.  Rebecca said she was not interested but that did not stop the salesman one bit.  He shoved a pamphlet in her hand about his product  and continued talking.  At this  point Rebecca said we don't buy from door to door salesmen unless it's the girl scouts.  She also said that there should be a no solicting sign at the front off our neighborhood.  The salemans got angry at this point and jerked the paper out of my wife's hand and said I guess you don't appreciate a hard working man.  She said no I appreciate hard working men I just don't buy products from door to door salesman.  They guy stomped off saying things under his breath.  You know I have never had that happen at the mall when I didn't want to by anything in a certain store.  I think the guy should have been a little more professional.  I brought this up on the show and almost everyone agreed.  thanks again for reading an listening to the Hawk and Tom show

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11/11/2009 3:41PM
Door to Door Salesman
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02/13/2010 12:26AM
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