Does anyone really care about Blogs?

I got the following e-mail today: Hey guys, I have sent you your blog information in a separate e-mail. I’m putting these on the site today and since you haven’t written one yet they’re going to be blank so PLEASE write a blog TODAY! If you need help please let me know and I’ll be happy to walk you through it. THANKS! So my first blog is about how stupid it is that they are having us write blogs. Do you guys really read this stuff? I mean, we get on the radio every morning and do about 12-14 talk breaks about what is going on and hope you find it interesting and entertaining. But do you really want to read what we think too? Heck, half the radio announcers I know can't write anyway. It is going to take some massive spell checking to correct these nuggets of wisdom! That's my first blog. I'm going to start off by complaining about having to do a blog. And I want to start off by asking you to let me know if I am wrong about this - are you interested in this and are you looking forward to hearing more from us in blog-form? I anxiously await your input. -Tom Steele

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03/11/2009 12:57PM
Does anyone really care about Blogs?
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03/11/2009 4:44PM
Tom , I'm with ya on this .This is the first blog I have ever looked at ... just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
03/11/2009 6:14PM
Well I love reading blogs so sure!
03/12/2009 6:30PM
No I don't read blogs. The only reason I read this was because you mentioned it on the show. I think they are stupid and a total waste of time. Why read when you can listen every morning!!!
03/13/2009 7:01AM
If somebody misses the show it would be nice to get the info some way else.
03/20/2009 9:28AM
Well today i had nothing better to do then look arond on the site, so today it was just something to pass the time. But overall blogs are not that great! Ha. Sounds like your boss just gave you guys some busy work. Love you Guys!!! :-)
03/23/2009 12:37PM
No I don't read blogs and I agree it's a waste of your time. Oh yeah....I guess I did read this one but the scary thing is I agree with you most of the time Tom! I was just super bored today so I followed the link from my FB.
03/23/2009 12:38PM
Hey Tom- Blogs are cool. I love reading them and I even have one of my own. You'll get into the groove of it and might even like it.
03/23/2009 1:21PM
I like to read blogs. But only if it is from someone who has somewhat of an intellectual view. It's annoying to read the stories of depressed bi-polar teenagers who think they have it "tough". I thought it was pretty neat that you started to write a blog and I'd keep coming back to read it.
03/23/2009 6:28PM
Tom, I don't usually read blogs, but read yours out of curiosity. You did a great job with your first try. Keep up the good work!!My daughter and I listen to you every morning. You keep us laughing all the way to School. Thanks!!
05/17/2009 2:01PM
Yes I Love Reading your Blog ! I can tell you Rae Very stuped ! Ha Ha ! I Lison to you Show 247 ! I Love B 93.7 !
09/12/2010 2:30AM
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