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Dead Mouse in my House

If you haven't heard I have a dead mouse in my house.   My wife Rebecca came home from work one day and said waht is that smell.  Me,  being a guy, hadn't smelled anything unusual all day. ( all guys are a little smelly anyway and a little dead mouse in the house is not a big deal)   After she mentioned it I went looking for the smell and found it in the wall behind our kitchen cabinets.  There was a hole that I could stick my flashlight down to try and find it but I got nothing.  I went online to find out what to do and most people said that the smell would go away in two or  three weeks.....thats just great...  So if you come over to my house and there are a lot of candles burning you'll know why .     Some suggestions I've received have been helpful like charcoal to absorb the smell and baking powered have helped.  The best was the clothes pin on the nose that one really helps but I forget to take it off sometimes when I leave the house.....I look ridiculous....thanks for reading

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01/31/2010 6:09AM
Dead Mouse in my House
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02/01/2010 8:01AM
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02/08/2010 6:32AM
nicole Norman
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01/31/2011 3:21PM
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