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What is it with people that you work with?  Have you noticed?  They're all crazy.  I'll give you an example of a typical day after the Hawk & Tom Show.   It seems that every time Heidi fills up her coffee cup, she has an accident.  This time, she dropped her entire cup, spilling her coffee down the hall.. again.   Tom is standing next to her telling her that she has a drinking problem and it isn't with alcohol.   Her problem is spilling her coffee, which she hardly ever cleans up.  So, Tom is helping her.  Shocker.  He's actually being nice.  Hawk is running around screaming that he needs to go home.  Why?  Not sure, but I think he has to use the restroom.   And Chase (our boss) keeps walking by our office telling us how cool he is and how he is the best boss in the world.  You know what?  He is.  And I say that because he reads our blogs.  lol  It's just another day in the office of the Hawk & Tom Show.   Are the people at your work as crazy as they are?  Please tell me, so I will at least think we're a normal bunch.  Hope you have a great day. - Kato

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03/19/2009 9:23AM
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