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Heidi's breakfast smells like dirt. What is she eating?



Well now that Asa my 17 month old son is all over the place I think we have about child proofed everything.  It seems as though I have said that same statement 6 times  before and he seems to find new things to get into.  We've locked the cupboards,  plugged up the outlets,  gotten rid of the deadly chemicals etc.....   But I still am having trouble with him eating the cat food.   Every time we turn around he  is eating something and most of the time he has been in the cat dish.   I'm kinda getting  nervous because the kitty litter box is right beside the cat food dish.  One of these days we are gonna walk in and him eating cat poop.   I guess at every new stag of his life I'm gonna have to child proof something new.  My buddy told me when he is a teenager I'll need to child proof my bank account.....can't wait.   thanks again for reading ....hawk

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06/29/2010 2:22PM
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07/01/2010 1:50AM
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