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Busy Intersections

There is alot going on ..so, I'll share some of what I am doing... My good friend, Natalie Barrett, has been busy helping her husband run for Governor of SC! So, I'm helping out,too! If you can help me support my friend and Gresham,that would be great! I am scouting out locations, at busy intersections, to post 4x6 ft. campaign signs. Can you suggest places that will give me permission to place the signs? Thanks for your help. He will make a great Governor...get more info at greshambarrettt.com xoxo PS.I am planning for Beach Ball on August 28th. Go to Beachballfoundation.org for details on this fantastic fundraiser for childrens charities... if you would like to have your product sampled or seen by a couple of thousand people..we can add it to our Sponsor goodie bags.. or write to me at heidi.beachball@charter.net xoxo heidi

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02/25/2010 3:12AM
Busy Intersections
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03/09/2010 5:08PM
hey me and my freind were fighting friday and she called me a slut and i took that one to the heart and monday we made a truce but i feel there was something missing and my birthday is wendsday march 10. what do yo thaink we should do? sincerly, megan
03/10/2010 6:33PM
Hi Heidi! You said in the newsletter you want to work out and look great by summer! Me too. I recently came back to the area and would love to join a group of women who want to excercise. Maybe we could do something like the pound for pound challengelike on the biggest loser. Put it in the next blog or newsletter!
12/29/2010 7:08AM
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