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Breaking up with Service People

When it comes to breaking up with service people most Americans say it is hardest to break up with a doctor.  Lets face it you have many exams and they know some very intimate information about you.  It really is hard to move on and find another doctor.  And how would you break up with them.  Do you say doctor I get the feeling I don't  know you anymore or its not you its me.  Tom said that we should break up with them like most guys break up with their girlfriends,  just stop calling .  In the survey Americans say its also hard to break up with dentist and hairdressers.  I agree with the hairdresser break up.  I have changed hairdressers before and it always feels like you are cheating on your old hairdresser.  I really don't know why.  We are the ones that pay for the service. talk to you soon  hawk

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08/26/2009 3:19PM
Breaking up with Service People
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12/18/2009 5:59PM
Tina Daly
I hope you were not talking about me!!!! No, come to think of it, I broke up with you when I got married and moved far far away!! Hope all is well...I am just looking thru the website to find new CD's..everyone here LOVES listening to the crazy things you do!! I will keep looking or email Tom to see wheree I can get some...
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