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Birthday Cake

Hey what's up!  How are ya? Let me catch you up.  My son just turned 2.  Where does time go?  I swear I just went to the bathroom, came back and he was a toddler. How did that happen? This parenting thing is a fast ride!  So he had a birthday, and he wouldn't eat his cake.  Same as last year.  Do I have the only kid who doesn't like cake? How can my son not like cake?  Not only did he not eat it but he cried because he thought he had to eat it....which makes for some GREAT pictures.  Now whenever he hears anyone sing "Happy Birthday" he cries and runs for the hills.  I'm sure this will change.  That would make for awkward teenage birthdays.   Well, the countdown is on to Christmas. Can't wait for that fruitcake.  Bring on the Egg Nog! (I noticed that Egg Nog prices are up this year, I hear the nog crops failed.)

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