Behind The Scenes

One of the things that I get asked most often is, "What do you do with the rest of your day after you only work for four hours?" Well I certainly won't complain about my job - it sure beats working - but I will let you in on a little secret. We actually do work more than four hours each day... Today was a little hectic, so I thought that I would share my schedule with you as an example: 4:40am - Alarm went off, I have no recollection of this happening. 4:47am - I woke up and thought, "I have no recollection of the alarm going off." 4:50am - Shower, get ready for work. 5:15am - Get on computer and read some e-mails and check for news to talk about on the show. 5:20am - Send Kato some e-mails to print for the show. 5:35am - Get in the car and head in to work. 5:45am - Arrive late to work, everyone gives me a hard time - again. 5:46am - 9:35am, we had a busy show today. We gave away Taylor Swift tickets to a guy who came in and let us beat up his pickup truck with a sledgehammer. Also we had a big discussion about "girls night out." 9:40am - Bathroom time, every day, consistently. 10:00am - Out of the bathroom. Hawk says I take a long time in there! 10:15am - Meeting to discuss how we are going to give away the next pair of Taylor Swift tickets. We argue about it, but finally everyone comes around to seeing things my way. As usual. 10:45am - Hawk and I record promo for tomorrows show. Edwin McCain will be on the show and we have those Taylor Swift tickets to give away. We are going to hide them and give out clues! 11:00am - Meet with HR to discuss new contract that would keep us in place through 2014. We still have some details to work out. 11:30am - Go home and get on computer and start editing video of the Concerts For Clunkers contest from this morning. I have to get it done by 12:00 Noon for it to be on tonight's edition of Scene On Seven with Kimberly Kelly. The show's producer, Heather is blowing up my iPhone wanting to know where the video is and making sure we have all the names and details correct. 12:15pm - Finally got the video done and uploaded. Heather has it and it will go on the show tonight at 7:30pm 12:20pm - Send text to Chase, Dino and Just Joe. I tell them that the video is up on our website and that Scene on 7 will be showing the video tonight on their show. 12:30pm - My wife comes home with two fish filet sandwiches and a large fries for me! 1:00pm - I sit down at the computer with the contracts and begin carefully reading them to see how the company is trying to take advantage of us this time. (I kid, I kid!!!) 2:00pm - I call Hawk and tell him all the ways that I found that the company was trying to take advantage of us and discuss. (Again, I kid!) 3:00pm - Veterinarian's appointment for my dog Dermot. Bad news... he is overweight and we are to blame. We have to start adding green beans to his diet. $225 later I am leaving with all his shots, some special food because he has digestive problems (like me!) and some Heartguard and probiotics. Dogs are expensive. 4:00pm - Email contract changes to HR. 4:15pm - HR emails me and says we are crazy. But they will send the changes to corporate where they can shoot them down and we will meet after the show tomorrow. 5:00pm - Hang out with the kids and the dog in the yard. The dog runs some, maybe that will count towards helping him lose weight. 6:30pm - Fried up some Red Snapper for dinner. My 2 year-old son has taken a liking to Pinocchio (which is CRAZY now that I re-watch it as an adult) and we watch that while we eat. 7:00pm - I get back on the computer and edit the audio from the Concert For Clunkers contest that we did this morning so it is ready for replay in the morning. 8:00pm - I order some embarrassing songs on iTunes (Glee Cast - Don't Stop Believing) 8:15pm - I change my status update on Twitter, Facebook and Myspace to announce Edwin McCain coming in tomorrow. (And I announce that I downloaded that song off iTunes. One listener says I must turn in my man card.) 8:30pm - Realize I have not blogged in over a week. I have no idea what to blog about, it has been a busy day... HEY, there's an idea! 9:30pm - Post blog, head upstairs and lay down with my son as he falls asleep. 10:30pm - Take blood pressure medication, anti-anxiety medication and brush my teeth. Go to bed. Repeat as necessary. I plan on taking it easy tomorrow - I'm plumb tuckered out.

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09/02/2009 8:28PM
Behind The Scenes
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