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And the truth is!?

Dear Friends, We need to suport an honest candidate in the runoff for Governor of SC. Here is an example of the Honest Differences between Gresham Barrett and Nikki Haley-on who is hiding the truth..and who is realy laying it out there for us to see! On Transparency; Gresham Barrett Voluntarily released 2009 personal income taxes. (Barrett for Governor, Press Release, 6/10/10) Voluntarily released all campaign donors, including runoff donors. (Barrett for Governor, Press Release, 6/10/10) Voluntarily posted his congressional financial disclosure to his website. (Barrett for Governor Website, www.greshambarrett.com, Accessed 6/15/10) Nikki Haley Refused to release income taxes. Refused to release runoff campaign donors. “Flunked campaign finance disclosure 101” and has repeatedly failed to disclose her campaign finance reports by ethics deadlines. (S.C. Ethics Commission Website, apps.sc.gov, Accessed 6/6/10; The State, 3/14/05) Invoked “legislative exemption” to stop the release of her legislative correspondence records. (The Associated Press, 6/4/10) Please vote for Gresham Barrett for Governor on June 22nd.. The one true Leader who we can trust to lead our State!xo heidi

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06/16/2010 5:13AM
And the truth is!?
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06/16/2010 5:28AM
Susan Kishner
I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.
06/19/2010 6:19AM
Just wanted to say that I completely agree with you Heidi! We need someone to change the way politics is looked at and dealt with in this great state of SC! Mr. Barrett is the man for the job and I honestly believe that he can make things happen that have needed to happen for a while! If he can't make something happen here and there though, I think he can find the right, honest, hard working people like himself to help get done what needs to get done! He can do it and it take everyone like you and I to back him on it! Thank you for the article and God Bless!
11/25/2010 6:26PM
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