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How Much is an Onslaught?
Matt Reinbold, Flickr
According to a Russian news agency, a high school in Kyrgyzstan was shut down due to an "onslaught of snakes." How long do you think it will take before "Onslaught of Snakes" is released in a theater near you, starring Samuel L. Jackson, of course.
Want to Buy the Most Haunted Place on Earth?
Adam Caudill, Flickr
If you're a do-it-yourselfer into the paranormal, have we get a deal for you. Poveglia, a deserted island in Venice, is going to be auctioned next month. It's been called the most haunted place on Earth. Back in the 18th century, it was a quarantine zone...
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Plastic, Plastic Everywhere!
Freddycat1, Flickr
You've heard about the human Barbie Doll, right? Valeria Lukyanova had herself plastic-surgically altered to look like Barbie. And now there's the human Ken Doll – New York's Justin Jedlica. He stresses he didn't set out to look like the Ken Doll,...
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JennyBerger, Anyone?
Joel, Flickr
Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg announced their engagement yesterday on "The View." Hard to believe, right? Because everyone thought "The View" went off the air years ago. Who announces their engagement on "The View," anyway? Was "Jerry...
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Dave? Dave's at the Vending Machine, Man!
PabloEvans, Flickr
Colorado unveiled the state's first medical marijuana vending machine this week. The machine, called ZaZZZ, will use biometrics to verify the identity of its customers to be sure that only authorized users can make a purchase. In related news, candy...
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Calm Down - I've Got Snickers
Jose Maria Silveira Neto, Flickr
Psychologists at Ohio State University have proposed a theory that low blood sugar can trigger fights between spouses, because of a condition they call "hangry" – a combination of hungry and angry. The tests show that the lower the blood sugar...
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Miley Cyrus Out of Twerk
Marc Majcher, Flickr
Miley Cyrus had to cancel her show last night in Kansas City after suffering an allergic reaction to some antibiotics she was taking. She tweeted a picture in her hospital gown with a toy octopus hanging in front of her face, saying that "Octopussy"...
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I'd Like to Buy a New Identity, Pat
MRCPLChildrens, Flickr
An Indiana University honor student, John Batts, is being called the worst "Wheel of Fortune" contestant ever after a monumental gaffe on the show late last week. His entire puzzle – "Mythological Hero Achilles" – was revealed, and he...
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JWoww Don't Mix with Pregnancy
raebrune, Flickr
Jenni Farley – you know her better as JWoww from "Jersey Shore" – is closing out her second trimester, and yesterday posted on her website, "Pregnancy and me don't mix." From that brief message, it's apparent that JWoww doesn't get along...
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Why Do Babies Really Cry?
A scientist at Harvard has proposed a very interesting theory to explain why babies cry at night: it's to keep their moms exhausted and not ovulating, which delays the birth of another sibling. In other words, crying babies can be effective birth...
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